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This is the Logs Community for valkyrieexpress! It is here where passengers can post logs in order to play with other characters in a more open environment, using third-person style.

The following is the general template for a new log post:

Characters: List the names of the characters to be involved in the log. If you want a log in which anyone can participate, please write "Open" here.
Purpose: Describe the purpose of the log. This doesn't need to be more than a few words long.
Location: Describe the setting, such as "In the dining cart" or "At the beach".
Time: Give some sort of time frame, such as "Morning of [insert day]".
Warnings: Mention any sensitive details here, such as violence or "adult" themes.

Summary: This is where you write a more detailed description of what is going on in the log. Make it longer than the purpose, but don't write a book!

Here it is again, in copy/paste form:

ace attorney, angel the series, anime, applegeeks, artemis fowl, atlantis: the lost empire, avatar the last airbender, batman, batman begins, ben 10, ben 10 alien force, black cat, black lagoon, bleach, books, buffy the vampire slayer, burst angel, captain planet, cartoons, chrono cross, chrono trigger, comic party, community, created characters, crono crusade, crossovers, cyborg 009, daria, darkwing duck, dc, dcau, dead like me, discworld, disney, disney princesses, doctor who, dragon ball, dragon ball z, ducktales, eagle eye, elemental gelade, fairy tail, family guy, family matters, fantastic four, fatal frame, fate/stay night, final fantasy, final fantasy tactics, flcl, full house, full metal alchemist, futurama, generator gawl, geneshaft, ghost trick, good omens, green hornet, gundam 00, harry potter, hellboy, hellsing, heroes, invader zim, kiddy grade, kikaider, king of the hill, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts ii, kino's journey, kitchen princess, kyle xy, l/r, law of ueki, lord of the rings, magical pokemon journey, martian successor nadesico, marvel, marvelous misadventures of flapjack, megatokyo, melody of oblivion, misfits e4, multifandom, multifandom rp, namco x capcom, naruto, national treasure, ocs, one piece, original characters, ouran highschool host club, pepper ann, persona 2, persona 3, persona 4, persona trinity soul, please teacher!, pokemon, pokemon adventures, rahxephon, read or die, rescue rangers, revelations persona, rosario + vampire, rp, rpg, rpgs, runaways, seinfeld, shakugan no shana, shin megami tensei, shinx, sister princess, solty rei, sonic the hedgehog, spider-man, spongebob squarepants, star ocean, star ocean ex, star trek, star wars, street fighter, supernatural, tale spin, tales of legendia, tales of symphonia, tales of the abyss, teen titans, tenjho tenge, the dark knight, the incredibles, the mighty b!, the sarah connor chronicles, the slayers, tin man, toradora!, torchwood, trains, treasure planet, tsukihime, tv, wall-e, world ends with you, x-edge, x-men, xenogears, xenosaga, young justice, zero no tsukaima, zombie powder