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Mission 2

Characters: Buguese, Asuka, Alice, Mother Gothel, Karkat
Purpose: To retrieve the vampire's blood
Location: Attic of Harald Mansion
Time: Nighttime on May 1st
Warnings: Violence, perhaps

Summary: To give Lilith a way to suppress her...darker side, they must retrive a flask of vampire's blood in hopes that it would help her out for a time. Will they succeed?

The fate of another passenger is at stake...Collapse )

Does the Tall Grass Rustle in the Forest?

Characters: N, Ran
Purpose: To catch a Pokémon
Location: The forest beyond the path
Time: Unknown time, April 29th
Warnings: Comic Mischief, Mild Violence

Summary: N and Ran go out into the woods to see if they can make a new friend, and persuade it to board the train. Excessive force may prove necessary.

The answer is maybe.Collapse )


What Have They Been Up To?

Characters: Private
Purpose: An update
Location: Regal Lounge in Mt. Avalanche
Time: Early evening on April 12th (Tami Alqon's birthday)
Warnings: N/A

Summary: It's been a while since we've seen them.

The Regal Lounge was moderately busy that nightCollapse )

Song From The Heart

Characters: Open
Purpose: Singing Competition
Location: Lounge
Time: In the early evening on March 28th
Warnings: N/A

Summary: The time has come! Which roommates can prove to be the best singers on the Valkyrie Express?

Time to decide who rocks and who...does not.Collapse )

[[ Find the pair up your character(s) correspond to and interact there. The music linked to here can be used for a reference as well.

The following characters are to be judges, along with Conductor, in the panel to decide the winners (due to either coming in after the event was announced or because they lost their duet partner):

{...} (memory_cranes)
Cornet Espoir (missmarliest)
Alice Elliot (answer_his_wish)
Isis Ishtar (unseenvisions) Buguese (must_know_why)
Cisqua (promoting_grace)

The singing itself can be played any way you may choose to. If anyone has any questions, please contact the mods at starbeii (AIM) or fungopus (AIM). ]]

Mission 1

Characters: Conductor-san, Lagoona, Buguese, Lilith, Teddie, Karkat, Abed
Purpose: Obstruction Removal
Location: Train Station
Time: All day, March 23rd
Warnings: Lots of snow.

Summary: The Conductor decides that it's time for the passengers to prove that they can work together and get something done. Hopefully, they don't mind having to use a little elbow grease.

Everything was in order, so it was time to get to work...Collapse )

Feb. 18th, 2011

Characters: Ran, Kuhn, Karkat, Abed, Masako, Mamimi
Purpose: To play an epic board game
Location: In the lounge
Time: Late evening on February 20th
Warnings: N/A

Summary: Ran gathered a group of misfits to play a game of Clue. Will it unite them or...tear them apart?

Time 4 FUUUUUUUUNCollapse )

[[ We shall be starting off with an intro thread and then one for the main game. The first one doesn't require mod permission but the actual game does. Please, send an IM at starbeii or an email to supertothestaff@gmail.com when you are ready to go!

And if you're not familiar with Clue, you can read up on it. Although extensive knowledge isn't needed and this is very much for fun~! ]]

Valentine's Day 2011

Characters: Open
Purpose: To celebrate V-Day
Location: Lounge (and anywhere else on the train)
Time: Past noon on Monday, February 14th
Warnings: Explicit naughtiness, perhaps

Summary: Conductor tries to cheer everyone up by having a little celebration...little did she know...

Not Single's Awareness Day. Again.Collapse )

[[ The glittery m&m cookies are actually made up of a good quantity of love potion. This will cause varying degrees of romantic emotions in people that range from being mildly smitten to ridiculously erotic toward the first person they see after biting into one. So, any person can be the target of a romantic advance from another. Of course, use discretion with the much younger passengers (such as Rose and Alphonse), please. Remember these feelings will only arise for the first person they see, so it doesn't necessarily mean it will be someone they know or even like.

In addition, one-sided attraction may occur, causing the other person to become bewildered by this sudden attraction. Of course, two people may eat these cookies and become attracted to each other. This also knows no bounds...and one may be attracted to another of the same sex.

Also, a playlist has been devised of the music playing in the lounge (for post reference):
Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Track 4
Track 5
Track 6

Track 6 reverts back to 1 after it ends. Enjoy, everyone~! ]]

Welcome Back to the Valkyrie Express!

Characters: Open
Purpose: Community Ice Breaker
Location: Lounge Cart
Time: All day, February 1, 2011
Warnings: None

Summary: The Conductor has invited everyone to meet in the lounge area of the train. For anyone who is new, this is the general format of the logs in this game. Everyone is encouraged to make good use of the logs community, since it's an easy way to get multiple characters involved in different situations!

And so we join our noble passengers once again...Collapse )

Guess what time it is ~

Characters: Open!
Purpose: A picnic to cure the boredom.
Location: It starts in the park, but feel free to wander anywhere in the city afterward.
Time: April 23 through April 27
Warnings: Be warned: there’s no telling who’ll pop up or what’ll happen!

Summary: Teddie and Ran are throwing a picnic for everyone on the train to relieve some restlessness... And of course, they prepared enough food for anyone else in the town to join in the festivities!

Get ready for a lot of people!Collapse )

[[ Greetings, new and old players alike! Welcome to the third valkyrieexpress open log, in which we form our own dressing room-like roleplay for a few days. Like last Thanksgiving, anyone can drop in (anonymously or not) as a character without the obligation to apply to the game. Journals can be brought in from other roleplays or those you wish to test out for our game or anything one's heart would desire. And, of course, the established players of our game are expected to join in when they wish.

However, our mods would like to address a few things before we proceed with this event. It's expected that everyone who plays to show respect, courtesy, and friendliness to the others. This roleplay promotes these aspects above all else, so those who are joining us for this log are expected to adhere by such guidelines like the others.

No characters that are already taken in this list are allowed to be brought in. Similarly, if a character you play is already participating in the log, do not intentionally bring him/her in. 'Doubles' just end up making both the characters and players severely confused.

However, one exception is that AU versions of characters can be brought in. For example, if you wish to play an Alphonse Elric from the Harry Potter universe, you can! As a reminder, original characters are also allowed to be brought in.

This log, while starting off at Budew Park, is not restricted to such. Everyone will have access to all of Early Oats Town, as well as the rest of the train. Anything can happen that one would like to, be it humorous or dramatic or action-y or romantic. Try to build up to whatever it is that you'd like to have happen, though.

Additionally, the characters are not aware that this is a temporary arrangement. For all they know, everyone is coming to stay here like the rest of the VE cast (although some members of the train may realize what’s going on by now...). So, it will probably come as a shock to most the others when they disappear suddenly at the end of this event. Of course, applying for a character that participates in the log will likely ensure that they won't leave anytime soon.

To make it easier, you can label the comment header with the location your character is currently in. For example, someone can put "Pokemon Center to let others know that a particular character is in that area during the thread.

Multiple threads are allowed to be made - and are highly encouraged! There will be five different sections to post: the day of the picnic and the subsequent four days afterward. It's up to the player to decide how much they wish to play. More than two characters can play in a thread, but it is recommended that you prearrange this with them. You may contact starbeii or fungopus on AIM for more information regarding this.

While we're sure there will be characters from the same series interacting here, we would like to encourage everyone to branch out from that and try playing with characters from different series. After all, this is a multifandom game that enjoys crossover interaction!

As a warning, non-VE characters are NOT allowed to comment in the VE journals. On the flip side, VE characters are NOT allowed to comment in the outsider journals either. Anyone caught doing so will forfeit their eligibility to apply/continue playing for the game, no exceptions.

We will be writing this out in log style. If you're not sure what that means, look through the other entries in express_logs to get a feel of what it's like. For further details, you can also refer to our last two open logs.

Above everything else, have fun~! ]]

Trouble Always Seems to Find Him

Characters: Tami, Ragnar, Akiyuki, anyone else who joins in?
Purpose: To stop Ragnar
Location: Outside the Super Mart
Time: Afternoon, April 5th
Warnings: Violence

Summary: On a casual visit to the Super Mart, Akiyuki gets involved in something he shouldn't have.

So much for just buying some snacks...Collapse )


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