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To Retrieve Ragnar's Things

Characters: Buguese, Conductor-san, (maybe others can join)
Purpose: To see if Conductor-san is keeping Ragnar's weapons
Location: Conductor's suite.
Time: Evening, April 2nd
Warnings: Potential violence, if Buguese gets his way.

Summary: After his discussion with Ragnar, who plans to eliminate the train and its passengers, Buguese must search for his staff, sword and gun, which the conductor is likely holding, and Tami.

So he begins...Collapse )

Yet Another Private Conversation

Characters: Private
Purpose: A secret exchange
Location: A hotel in Aurora Bay
Time: Morning of Friday, March 12th
Warnings: Language, Suggestive Themes

Summary: After Ragnar's recent escape, he makes another status report to Signy.

Free to read, but please don't commentCollapse )

Shouldn't she be in bed by now?

Characters: Ragnar, Tami
Purpose: To meet the guy face-to-face
Location: Room C7
Time: At around 4am on February 28th
Warnings: N/A

Summary: Tami goes on a late night walk...to see Ragnar Grimm.

Will curiosity kill Tami?Collapse )

Sweet Ones for the Sweet Ones

Characters: Open
Purpose: Just for fun
Location: Dining Cart
Time: Evening of Sunday, February 14th
Warnings: Cute and fluff, for those out there who might not like it

Summary: The Conductor puts together a few simple things for the passengers today, trying to keep the atmosphere fun and festive.

Not Singles Awareness Day :|Collapse )

A Silent Second Encounter

Characters: Open, with mod permission
Purpose: Round 2, as it were
Location: Lounge Cart
Time: Evening of Tuesday, February 9th
Warnings: Violence and such

What will the damage be today?Collapse )

Dangerous Freeloader

Characters: Open, with permission
Purpose: Discovering an uninvited guest
Location: Room Cart C
Time: Evening of Wednesday, January 27th
Warnings: Possible violence

Summary: Ed is still getting used to acting as the co-conductor, both duties and uniform included. However, something rather unexpected turns up. How will he deal with it, given his current state of mind?

Introductions might not go so well...Collapse )

Another Private Exchange

Characters: Private
Purpose: A secret phone call
Location: Phonebooth inside of the Museum of Spirited History
Time: Evening of January 2nd
Warnings: Language and suggestive themes, perhaps

Summary: After the brawl that occured on New Year's Eve, Ragnar makes a status report to Sig concerning its outcome.

Free to read, but please don't commentCollapse )

Another New Year

Characters: Open
Purpose: A New Year's Eve brawl
Location: Gateway Plaza
Time: Late in the night on December 31st until past midnight on January 1st
Warnings: Violence like whoa

Summary: Chaos erupts when a new foe appears to claim a particular bounty from the train.

The end of one year, the beginning of anotherCollapse )

[[ If you wish to participate in this log, alert a mod right away! ]]

Christmas '09

Characters: Open
Purpose: Christmas gift exchange...2009!
Location: Anywhere on the train (mostly in the lounge)
Time: All day on December 25th
Warnings: Possibly angered passengers who dislike their gifts.

Summary: It's time for the passengers to exchange presents with their partners and whoever else they bought things for.

Merry Christmas to all~Collapse )

[[ Three threads will be made. One for the gift exchange partners specifically, one for giving gifts to any other friends, and the last is for miscellaneous Christmas activities. Place each thread under its appropriate spot.

For the gift exchange partners, label the header with the name of the two partners (example: Teddie + Cynthia), so it will be easier for each member to find. ]]
Characters: Conductor-san, Ashton, Beat, Teddie, Tami, Buguese, Akihiko, Rally, Alphonse, Kuhn, Yuri, Aang, Tails
Purpose: To engage in combat!
Location: The Prime Stadium
Time: Beginning on Sunday, December 20th
Warnings: Violence, Language, Violence, and possibly some violence

Summary: The the tournament is ready to go, and it seems like the Valkyrie Express passengers have all been pitted against each other from the very beginning! Will enough of them make it through to secure the championship? Rules and pairings are posted under the cut.

And so the first round begins...Collapse )


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