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Mission 2

Characters: Buguese, Asuka, Alice, Mother Gothel, Karkat
Purpose: To retrieve the vampire's blood
Location: Attic of Harald Mansion
Time: Nighttime on May 1st
Warnings: Violence, perhaps

Summary: To give Lilith a way to suppress her...darker side, they must retrive a flask of vampire's blood in hopes that it would help her out for a time. Will they succeed?

Inside Harald Mansion, Conductor was outside the door to the attic, the passengers who were going to embark on this mission were before her. A howl was heard echo throughout the home. She decided to shoot them a reassuring smile before she spoke. "Hello. This mission is quite important as the fate of another passenger is at stake. Although this should not be too dangerous, do be careful up there."

[[ This log will be a little simpler than other mission logs. We will pre-arrange a turn order and post accordingly to one thread. Also, to pass this mission, the thread must have 40+ comments. ]]

Tags: alice elliot, asuka langley soryu, buguese, conductor, karkat vantas, mission, mother gothel
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