N (conquered_ideal) wrote in express_logs,

Does the Tall Grass Rustle in the Forest?

Characters: N, Ran
Purpose: To catch a Pokémon
Location: The forest beyond the path
Time: Unknown time, April 29th
Warnings: Comic Mischief, Mild Violence

Summary: N and Ran go out into the woods to see if they can make a new friend, and persuade it to board the train. Excessive force may prove necessary.

As seemed to always be the case here, the sky outside was gray with clouds and fog. It was far from being a nice day to go make friends with Pokémon. However, that was the request of the train's conductor, and even though N lacked any sort of allegiance to the woman, it did interest him what the Pokémon of the area might be like.

He was there with Rán Billows, though, a person he had barely just met. She wasn't exactly pleasant, but N was willing to put up with her for the moment.
Tags: n, ran billows
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