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What Have They Been Up To?

Characters: Private
Purpose: An update
Location: Regal Lounge in Mt. Avalanche
Time: Early evening on April 12th (Tami Alqon's birthday)
Warnings: N/A

Summary: It's been a while since we've seen them.

The Regal Lounge was moderately busy that night. Waiters were bustling around, trying their best to serve meals to impatient customers. Although Ragnar wasn't feeling particularly demanding, not that he ever was anyway. He sat at the table, his hat tipped forward, covering the upper part of his face. On his lap sat a plain brown box, which he rested his hand on.

"I do hope you are enjoying yourself." Ragnar told the girl sitting in front of him.

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Closing her eyes, Tami let out a dreary and frustrated growl. After all the time they had been on the move together, she still found it difficult to muster up any feelings other than anger. Not that she wasn't justified in feeling this way. Ragnar had pretty much been the one responsible for taking her away from places she had considered home. All she could ask herself was "What more can he do now?"

Not looking at him, she replied, "Not really. I don't like it here. I'm freezing my butt off."

Tami had just turned fifteen that day. Her appearance had changed a bit in the past year. Not only had her hair grown much longer, but she had also become taller and her figure had filled out. Whenever she had the chance to look at herself in a mirror, she seemed satisfied with her new, mature image. Still, she wished she could be in a more stable environment where she could focus more on shallow pursuits.
Her disregard for his efforts was already obvious. Not that this was out of the ordinary, of course. Since failing his past mission, he had been drifting around and keeping an especially low profile. Tami coming along, he felt, was his way of helping. She certainly had nowhere to go after they mysteriously lost track of the Valkyrie Express.

"This is how it is all year in this place. Most people consider it enchanting."
"I consider it cold and annoying." Tami retorted, folding her arms irritably and ignoring the glares and muttering of the other patrons around. She didn't like being around Ragnar, but she had no choice. If she did, she would have ditched him. Preferably in a prison.
Harsh. She seemed to care so deeply about her physical appearance, but obviously not as much about her social standing. He let out a sigh, feeling uneasy with the unwanted attention.

"I am certain we both agree that you do not count as 'most people', so you may consider it as you like." He glanced down at the menu after that. "Will you be eating anything tonight?"
Grabbing her own menu, she began to skim through it quickly, not really caring what she ate. It was like that a lot since she began traveling with this man. Still deep down, she was just a tad grateful he didn't keep her locked up in a room all day, feeding her pieces of bread.

"I'll have a cheeseburger." Tami told the waiter, who stopped by. "With fries. Cheese fries. With chili. And a hot chocolate."

Then she added, "It's all on him." Making sure to point to Ragnar afterward.
He looked up at the waiter, giving a stern expression as if commanding him not to react to Tami's jab. "Fish of the Day, with a side salad and a malt."
Sighing, she looked down at the placement in front of her, trying to focus all of her attention on the silverware and napkins on it. Anything that could distract her from her troubles. It was her birthday today and she yearned to be spending it far from here.

Her preferred choice would be with her family... Her parents and older sister always prepared a party for her. There was a lot of laughter and joy on her birthday, lots of photographs to be taken, and presents to be received.

On the Valkyrie Express, birthdays seemed to be special as well. Edward's birthday had been an...embarrassing experience for her, but it was still enjoyable. A lot had happened then. Speaking of the train, she began to wonder if things had gone well for it. There was word in this town that a train had just gone by, but Tami had to wonder if it was the same one...and if it had the same passengers.
She was clearly trying to avoid eye contact, so he just looked away to examine their surroundings. It was still too early to say anything.

It was strange. Despite how much he knew about her, he did not seem to understand what she was thinking. He was completely different from her, of course, but after their...morbid encounter, he performed extensive research and left no stone unturned when it came to informing himself on the true impact of his error. He possibly knew more factual details about her than she knew about herself, yet her feelings and emotions were a complete enigma. All this in addition to just how strange it was that they could meet again after what happened.
Getting tired of looking down at nothing, she lifted her head and decided to give having an actual conversation with him a chance. With age came wisdom, right? Maybe she can gain something from all of this somehow.

"You know, that hat of yours is really stupid."

...Or she could just insult him some more.
He closed his eyes and produced a slight smirk. This was purely out of annoyance, however. "It is unfortunate that you think so. This is one of my favorite personal belongings."
"Well, it looks ancient." Tami puffed up at his current expression. "Also, you just wear the same outfits over and over again. It totally makes you seem like you're homeless."
His smirk faded when she told him that. Ragnar looked at her for a moment before speaking. "I already am homeless."
Although she didn't want to, she felt some sympathy for him. He really was homeless, wasn't he? In a way, even she was, at the moment.

Her food was served a moment later and she stared down at it, not feeling particularly hungry anymore.
"Did they bring your order wrong?" He took notice that she was simply staring at it.
"No." She spat, picking up and taking a bite out of her burger, just to get him off her case.
It wasn't long after before his order was placed before him as well. Silently, he took his fork in hand and began to eat. The dinner for two was not exactly his thing, so he saw no need to force conversation now that the food was there.
Now that he was distracted with his own meal, she decided to stop eating and go back to thinking. Silently, she contemplated whether or not she should speak her mind to Ragnar. She still wondered about the circumstances around her 'death' and about her family. However, she wasn't able to go see them since Ragnar seemed to keep leading her after the train.

Besides, if she was dead, then wouldn't going back to them just...burden them? It would be painful to her family to see her return so suddenly. Her death occurred years ago, after all. They were probably just getting on with their lives now.
Of course, he wasn't distracted, just keeping to himself while waiting for the right time.

Perhaps this was it. She seemed rather consumed in thought, and he didn't want her food to go to waste. He put his utensils down. "Listen, I have something here for you."
Interrupted from her thoughts, she looked right at him. "What?"
He then took the brown box that was sitting on his lap and placed it at the middle of the table. There was very little hesitation on his part.

"This is a gift."
"A gift?" Tami's eyes wandered down to it then back up to him. "Is it a bomb?"
Was she being serious? It could really go either way with this girl. "No. Today was your birthday, so I decided to give you something appropriate to the occasion."
Snatching it from the table and began to carefully open it. "I don't need presents from you, Ragnar." The girl said as she focused on opening the thing. "You can't buy my trust."
He was beginning to feel like this dinner was a bad idea and a waste of his time. Her words only served to make him feel even more guilty than before. Not that he could blame her.

Ragnar had ruined for life not just once, but twice now. Tami had been separated from her family, but had settled into a new life on the train. The very train he had a vendetta against. It was strange how it seemed like some force was behind putting those two together multiple times. Thus why he put forth the effort to attempt to her keep happy, despite her being somewhat of a hostage.

"It is not my intention to buy your trust. I am merely trying to make your birthday pleasant."
Reaching into the box, she pulled out a pink scarf. Examining it closely, she saw that it was well crafted. It was exactly the type of thing she would want while being in a place like this.

However, she began to feel a surge of anger once again. This time she could not contain it.

"You think buying me a scarf and making me eat dinner is going to make this a 'pleasant birthday' for me? Are you nuts or just stupid!?"


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