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Song From The Heart

Characters: Open
Purpose: Singing Competition
Location: Lounge
Time: In the early evening on March 28th
Warnings: N/A

Summary: The time has come! Which roommates can prove to be the best singers on the Valkyrie Express?

Music blared out from the speakers while blue and purple lights danced above the heads of the audience sitting around in the lounge. It was an exciting atmosphere that had been created. Conductor strolled out onto the center 'stage', holding a microphone.

"Greetings and welcome to the first Valkyrie Express singing competition. I do hope everyone enjoys themselves. Remember, those who do not participate will suffer severe consequences."

[[ Find the pair up your character(s) correspond to and interact there. The music linked to here can be used for a reference as well.

The following characters are to be judges, along with Conductor, in the panel to decide the winners (due to either coming in after the event was announced or because they lost their duet partner):

{...} (memory_cranes)
Cornet Espoir (missmarliest)
Alice Elliot (answer_his_wish)
Isis Ishtar (unseenvisions) Buguese (must_know_why)
Cisqua (promoting_grace)

The singing itself can be played any way you may choose to. If anyone has any questions, please contact the mods at starbeii (AIM) or fungopus (AIM). ]]
Tags: abed nadir, alphonse elric, asuka langley soryu, ben tennyson, buguese, conductor, edward elric, isis ishtar, karkat vantas, lagoona blue, lilith sahl, mamimi samejima, masako inogashira, mother gothel, ran billows, rose casson, teddie
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